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sábado, 11 de fevereiro de 2012

Cute Alert: #3

Today's Cute Alert features Bloch Kids' new collection.

The Baby Ruffle. You see, I love Bloch. I own three pairs of their flats, and they're incredible. They're soft, cute, and affordable. I love their kids collection, 'cause while the flats keep their original function, they're also fashion friendly. The Baby Ruffle comes in Lavender and White, and it retails for US$38.00, sizes 1 to 6, at Zappos.

The Ayva. Amazingly kid-friendly. The colors are bright, the sole is soft, the shoe is cute, AND it has a strip. Comes in Briny Rose (light pink), Formula One (red), White and Lavender. Available at Zappos for US$90.00, sizes 5 to 8.5
The Adrienne. Looking a these makes me think about spring weather and beaches. They're super versatile, so it can be worn with dresses and tights or jeans and a tee. Colors are Pewter, White, and Mekong (butter yellow). US$90.00, sizes 5 to 8.5, at Zappos.

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  1. Que lindos!!!Gostei muito do lilás!*-*
    À propósito,eu adoro seu blog e sempre passo aqui!:)