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quinta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2012

Cute Alert: #5

Today's cute alert features the LovelyFriend shop on Etsy (

The Sea and Ocean mobile. I love this. Big time. It's whimsy, fun, cute, handmade, colorful and everything else a baby mobile can be. It retails for US$78.00

The Jungle Mobile. This is adorable! I mean, it's a usual theme. Jungle for babies, it's common. But this one is far from common. Look at that Giraffe! And the Hippo! Aw. US$78.00

The Owl and Bird Mobile. My favorite animals are owls. They're so wise. And that's so cute. They have this one in other colors too, but this one is my favorite. The lilac! I'm amazed. It ships in 3-4 weeks. US$75.00

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